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iPhone XS Max vs Galaxy Note 10+ Comparison: Which is Better for You?

Samsung is out with the Galaxy Note 10 series to take on the upcoming iPhone 11. But until the iPhone 11 launches, the Galaxy Note 10 series will take on Apple’s existing iPhone XS series. This time around, Samsung has launched the Galaxy Note 10+ — a true ‘Note’ in many ways — to take […]

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Huawei P30 Pro vs iPhone XS Camera Comparison

Up until a few years ago, iPhones were the undisputed king in the smartphone camera department. This, however, is no longer true with Samsung, Google, and more recently Huawei surpassing iPhones in terms of image quality. Huawei’s latest flagship, the P30 Pro, has managed to make quite a bit of noise with its 40MP SuperSpectrum […]

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