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Benchmarks for Apple’s ARM MacBooks might have leaked, and the scores are incredible

Apple is working on MacBooks with ARM processors, several recent leaks have claimed, although we’ve yet to see anything official from the company. What’s clear, though, is that the most recent iPhone and iPad chips deliver benchmark scores that are far superior to traditional laptops. Apple already released an iPad Pro faster than most laptops, […]

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Microsoft Yet To Issue Patch For Windows 7 Exploit Reported By Google

Google regularly reports serious vulnerabilities that it discovers across different platforms. It recently reported two zero-day vulnerabilities, those that were previously unknown publicly, one affecting its Chrome browser and the other affecting Windows 7. The company mentioned that both of them were being exploited together. Google has released an update […]

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Lenovo’s brand new laptops are all about security, design, and speed

As every year, Lenovo unveiled several new laptop models across its consumer and enterprise lines, including Chrome and Windows-powered machines. On top of that, Lenovo also launched an all-in-one desktop that’s quite easy on the eyes. On top of the expected specs upgrades, including support for the latest Intel and AMD chips, more refined designs […]

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