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December in Africa: Ghanian healthcare drones and Cameroonian separatist cryptocurrency

December is an expensive month for anyone, and tech companies across Africa went on a fundraising spree in advance of the festive period last month. Companies from across the continent, in a variety of sectors, raised funding in December. Most notable was pan-African e-commerce company Jumia, which raised strategic investment […]

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Tech stocks are overvalued and it’s killing innovation

We’re entering an unprecedented era of advanced technology and behemoth tech companies driving its development. Earlier this year, Apple became the first company to reach a one-trillion-dollar valuation, and Amazon followed suit, reaching a one-trillion-dollar market cap in September. Alphabet (Google’s parent company), Facebook, and Netflix are similarly dominant over […]

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2018 proved that computer vision is the most powerful manifestation of AI

You probably use computer vision every day and don’t even think about it. Enjoy checking out the latest Snapchat filters? That’s computer vision. Unlock your iPhone with your face? That’s computer vision, too. Use your phone to deposit your latest paycheck and get some cash in your bank account? Well, that’s also computer […]

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