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Startup founders: Remote teams are possible — here are 4 ways to make them happen

Working remotely is becoming increasingly commonplace in many countries around the world. Whether individuals work in a flexible environment that allows them to spend part of the week outside the office or even work entirely from home, the increased flexibility offered by today’s tech-powered environment has created new opportunities for […]

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Research says future leaders do these 4 things exceptionally well

Amidst all the talk about talent shortages in science and technology, an even more serious shortfall has flown under the radar: up-and-coming company leaders. According to LinkedIn, companies worldwide consider leadership development their top talent challenge. Eighty-six percent say it’s “urgent” or “important” that they stock their leadership pipelines, yet […]

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Lithuania: You are welcome

If you ever feel like moving to Lithuania, please do, bring your partner, bring your friends. In stark contrast to the words and actions of an increasingly worrying amount of leaders and nations around the world, there’s always something different about smaller countries. Our (current) globalized economy has meant that workers shift around the globe, […]

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