Tag: Cybersecurity

Apple Issues yet Another Silent Update to Fix Webcam Vulnerability on macOS

Last week security researchers unearthed a vulnerability in Zoom video conferencing app. The vulnerability allowed others to open your webcam without an invite. Initially, Zoom downplayed the issue and later issued a patch alongside an explanation. However, the Zoom webcam vulnerability only seems to have opened a pandora’s box. Apple informed that it has silently […]

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Update your WhatsApp now to avoid this dangerous exploit

Hackers used a flaw in WhatsApp’s VoIP calling feature to infect users with spyware. The hack was apparently developed by an Israeli cybersecurity company. WhatsApp users could be infected with spyware if the attacker tried calling them. Hackers were reportedly able to remotely install spyware on phones and devices by using a vulnerability in WhatsApp. […]

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