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Google Pixel 4 DxOMark score reveals a solid camera upgrade over Pixel 3

One of the key reasons people buy Pixel devices is the line’s outstanding camera performance. The Google Pixel 4 is no different, and DxOMark’s review of the device shows us why. We recently wrote an article on why DxOMark scores aren’t the only opinions you should take into account when looking at smartphone cameras. But […]

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DxOMark Says iPhone XS Max Has Better Audio Playback Quality than iPhone 11 Pro Max

DxOMark, known for its camera tests, has announced another test protocol: DxOMark Audio. The company will test the audio recording and playback quality of smartphones with its new testing standards. DxOMark already tests the video quality of all smartphones but that test does not put much emphasis on audio recording and playback quality. To clarify, […]

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