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Security Researchers Fool Face ID Using Glasses and Tape

During the Black Hat 2019 conference, security researchers demonstrated an attack using which one could bypass Face ID. However, there’s a catch: it requires that the user of the iPhone/iPad is unconscious. Researchers from Tencent took advantage of the “liveness” detection feature of Face ID which analyses the background noise, focus blur, and other aspects […]

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Kuo: 2021 iPhone Could Feature Both Under-Display Touch ID and Face ID

After ditching Touch ID with the iPhone X in 2017, Apple is possibly looking at bringing back the sensor with its 2021 iPhones. Reputed analyst Ming-Chi Kuo believes that the 2021 iPhone will feature both Face ID and an under-display fingerprint scanner. Apple is currently facing a lot of technical issues in getting both under-display […]

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