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Priced Out Of These Stick-Shift Performance Legends? Here Are 5 Alternatives That Don’t Hit The Wallet So Hard

Between the rocketing values of some modern classic cars, the already sky-high above-MSRP prices being asked for new heroes, and their limited availability, it’s not always easy to land the car of your dreams, particularly if you want to row your own gears. Take the Mk4 Toyota Supra, Acura Integra Type R and manual transmission […]

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A 6-Speed Manual Will Help This Ferrari F430 Sell For More Than A New F8 Spider

The F340 lives in that hinterland between old and new Ferraris, between collectible classic and cutting-edge modern supercar. Essentially a facelifted and upgraded 360 Modena, it’s fast and fun to drive, but it’s a step and half behind the 458 that replaced it in terms of speed and sophistication. The 2004-2009 F430, though, is a […]

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