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Ferrari Recalls Almost Every Car It Sold In The U.S. Since 2005

A stunning number of Ferraris must be recalled as a result of a brake issue that stems from a bad brake fluid reservoir cap. The problematic component can be found in vehicles that left the factory this year and has been in use since 2005. In all, Ferrari is recalling 23,555 vehicles in the U.S. […]

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The Brakes Could Fail On More Than 23,000 Ferrari Models Built Since 2004

Ferrari is recalling more than 23,500 vehicles across the United States due to a braking issue. An investigation from the Italian car manufacturer has revealed that certain vehicles may be fitted with a brake reservoir fluid cap that may not vent properly. This could create a vacuum inside the brake fluid reservoir that could trigger […]

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Ferrari GTC4 Grand Edition Is A Coachbuilt Project Designed By Afzal Kahn

The Ferrari GTC4Lusso 2+2 supercar may be out of production waiting to be indirectly replaced by the Purosangue SUV, but automotive designer Afzal Kahn has just presented his own vision for the model in the form of a coach-built project. What started with a sketch back in 2018 has resulted in a unique model with a redesigned […]

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