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Chrome 70 adds fingerprint login support for Web Authentication, enables TLS 1.3, and more [APK Download]

Article Contents Chrome 69 was a massive update, as it brought a brand new interface to both desktop and mobile. Now that v69 is on stable, the beta channel has been updated to version 70. This isn’t as big of an update as the previous release, but it still has a few important improvements – […]

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Microsoft OneDrive v5.14 adds fingerprint authentication [APK Download]

Given that fingerprint sensors have been on almost every non-budget phone for several years now, it’s no surprise that a vast majority of secure apps offer fingerprint authentication. After all, who wants to type out a bunch of characters when you could just touch the back of your phone? Microsoft’s OneDrive app is the latest […]

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More Phones Need the Moto Z3 Play’s Side Fingerprint Reader

I’ve spent the last handful of days with the new Moto Z3 Play, and while I’m certainly a fan of the phone already, there is one particular design choice that I really like and wish more companies would adopt. The Moto Z3 Play has a side-embedded fingerprint reader and it’s pretty fantastic. When fingerprint […]

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