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Forget Skynet: Big Mouth Billy Bass with Alexa is the tech hell we deserve

Back in 2016, an absolute madman hacked a Big Mouth Billy Bass to speak using the Alexa API. It was weird. The soulless monsters at Gemmy Industries evidently took notice, though, and have engineered an official Alexa-powered singing fish to bring to market. What have we wrought? You can inflict the Speaking Sensation on a […]

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Possible Google phone codenames Bonito and Sargo pop up in latest ARCore update [APK Teardown]

Article Contents ARCore updates generally just bring support to a set of both old and new Android devices, but every once in a while we’re treated to something pretty unexpected. In the latest version, new profiles can be found for one, or maybe even two currently unreleased Google devices. The first of these devices bares […]

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Artist Uses Resin to Create Miniature Koi Ponds That Look Just Like the Real Thing

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your own koi pond but didn’t want the hassle of daily maintenance, perhaps the resin art of Erika Voss (aka Scratched And Burnt) is the next best thing. At first glance, each piece looks like it contains real, miniature koi carp, swimming around their little lagoons. However, every pint-sized […]

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