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Xiaomi’s Yi Home Camera 3 Announced With Smarter Notifications

For those who are unfamiliar, Xiaomi actually makes a lot more things than just phones, which the company is probably best known for. In fact Xiaomi actually makes a fair number of smart home products such as smart lighting systems and even security cameras, the latter of which was announced […]

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PepsiCo Launches ‘Snackbots’ to Deliver Snacks to Students at the University of the Pacific

Self-driving robots are now taking over university campuses. Is this the way Skynet takes over? Probably not. Not unless Skynet really just wants to fill up students’ bellies with delicious snacks. If that is the case, then PepsiCo is ready and willing to help out. The company has just announced […]

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Apple Offering HomePod Discounts For Apple Music Subscribers

Apple’s HomePod is one of the more expensive smart speakers around where at $350, it certainly puts it well above the prices of some of its competitors, although Apple argues that the HomePod’s audio quality more than makes up for it. That being said if you’re looking to save some […]

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