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Samsung will send Note 9 owners a free adapter to make the phone work with Gear VR headsets

The Galaxy Note 9 is a big phone—even larger than last year’s Note 8. So, it doesn’t fit in last year’s Gear VR headset (SM-R325N). This has been a theme for Samsung over the last couple cycles, but it’s not releasing a new variant of the headset this time. You can use last year’s model, […]

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YouTube VR reveals new Watch Together feature for communal content, app coming to Samsung Gear VR

Hype for VR may have started to die down a bit, but software development applied to the various hardware platforms continues apace, and that includes YouTube VR. Yesterday it announced it would be coming to Samsung’s Gear VR headsets this week, and it is also introducing a new way to share VR experiences called “Watch […]

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White Elk’s Covert lets Oculus Go VR and phone gamers heist together

Virtual reality is sometimes criticized for isolating users, but an upcoming title from White Elk Studios and Oculus aims to bring VR and smartphone gamers together for a common purpose: robbing a museum. The companies today announced Covert, a “couch co-op heist game” that lets two friends collaborate asymmetrically to steal a mysterious artifact from […]

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