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The Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition Is Worth Every Penny Of Its $43,995 MSRP

The outgoing Honda Civic Type R has been the king of front-wheel drive hot hatches from the moment it was launched and last year, it was updated with a facelift and a new Limited Edition variant. Honda is building just 600 examples of the Civic Type R Limited Edition for the U.S. market, each priced […]

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Shifting From 5th To 2nd At Speed Didn’t Go Well For This GR Yaris

The Toyota GR Yaris is an excellent hot hatch that comes with a manual gearbox. Purists are definitely delighted, although as YouTuber Robert Mitchell recently discovered, this can also get you into trouble. Mitchell works at Apex Nurburg at Green Hell and has heaps of experience at the famed German racetrack. Earlier in the month […]

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Rare Renault Megane R26.R Is A Hot Hatch That Thinks It’s A 911 GT3

Renault has serious form when it comes to building hairy hot hatchbacks, from the Audi Quattro-chasing 5 Turbo of the early 1980s, to the most recent two-seat Megane RS Trophy-R with its carbon wheels. Slotting in between is the 2008 Megane R26.R, an example of which is pictured here, and happens to be up for grabs […]

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