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2019 photography showdown: Huawei P30 Pro vs Samsung Galaxy S10 vs Google Pixel 3

It’s tough to go wrong with a flagship smartphone camera these days, but if you’re after the crème de la crème, just a handful of names stand out. The Google Pixel 3 and its machine learning-enhanced camera continues to be the tech enthusiasts goto handset for consistently great pictures. Likewise, recent Huawei handsets have built […]

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Best Android phones (May 2019): Our picks, plus a giveaway!

One of the great things about the Android market is the diversity of features, prices, and even software. There are a ton of Android phones out there, but what’s the best in 2019? Related: Refurbished phone guide | Best Android tablets | Best Android watches Spec sheets and feature lists aren’t always enough to get an idea of how […]

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Best Android smartphones in India (April 2019)

If you’re in the market for the best smartphone in India and not going the iPhone way (pretty much why you’re here), there are tons of great Android options. All these devices are powerhouses brimming with features, with a few marquee elements to make them stand out. Also read: The best deals and lowest prices […]

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