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Disney+ Will Launch on March 31st in the U.K, France, Germany, Italy and Spain

Disney’s streaming service is all set to debut in four countries including the U.S, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, and New Zealand. The U.S, Canada, and the Netherlands will get it on November 12th while Australia and New Zealand will get it a week later. That apart Disney+ will debut on March 31st in France, Italy, and […]

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The much needed feature all streaming services are missing: Subscription pausing

Opinion post by Phillip Prado The best thing about subscription services like Netflix, Spotify, and HBO Go is having access to a seemingly infinite amount of content for a relatively small monthly fee. Paying for things like music, movies, and TV shows can get quite expensive without these services. Especially if you want to start […]

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Does Hulu support 4K resolution?

Most modern televisions now support 4K, with 1080p now reserved primarily for budget sets. As more consumers switch to 4K the demand for compatible content continues to skyrocket. Many streaming services already support 4K resolutions, including Netflix and Amazon Prime Video. What about Hulu?  As you will see, the answer to that question is a little […]

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