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As a Kid, I Thought Huntsville, Ala., Sucked. As an Adult, It Looks Pretty Alright

Photo: iStock In the summer of 1993, my family relocated from the major international metropolis of Frankfurt (really Bad Homburg), Germany, to the not-a-major-international-metropolis of Huntsville (really Madison), Ala. My father was in the Army at the time and was stationed at Ft. Campbell, Ky. Since my dad had a year left until his military […]

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Alabama counter-protester arrested for bringing a gun to #FamiliesBelongTogether march

Hey, Shane, how’s your Saturday? An argument between a Families Belong Together protester and a counter-protester—who apparently thinks families belong apart—escalated quickly Saturday, when the the latter busted out his gun at the immigration rally in Huntsville, Alabama. The man was arrested without shots fired or further incident, and the rally went on as planned.  WAFF reports […]

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