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IBM’s AI takes on world-class debater in argument about preschool

IBM’s Project Debater, an AI system that can engage in live debate with humans, today faced off with 2016 World Debating Championships Grand Finalist and 2012 European Debate Champion Harish Natarajan. The debate was about preschool subsidies, with Project Debater arguing in favor and Natarajan arguing in the opposition. More than 50 […]

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RAIL debuts license agreements for the responsible use of AI

Researchers from Google, Microsoft, and IBM have joined together to create Responsible AI Licenses (RAIL). With its first two offerings available in the past two weeks, RAIL now offers end user license agreements and source code license agreements that software providers, researchers, and developers can include with their software to […]

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IBM debuts Project Debater, experimental AI that argues with humans

In what may be the biggest rollout of conversational AI from IBM since Watson, IBM Research today debuted Project Debater, an experimental conversational AI with a sense of humor, little tact, and occasionally powerful arguments. Training of Project Debater began six years ago and only gained an ability to participate in debates with people two […]

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