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Infiniti Driver Tries To Intimidate Motorist By Wielding A Hatchet Before Sending Another Into A Ditch

In what must be one of the weirdest video’s we’ve seen recently, a Texas man has filmed an on-road interaction that sounds utterly absurd. After a minor traffic disagreement, one driver in an Infiniti G35X sedan busts out a hatchet before crashing into another vehicle. The driver of the camera vehicle is DexFPV on Reddit […]

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Brazen Thieves Make Off With C8 Corvette And Other Cars From Illinois Dealership

A group of thieves in Schaumburg, Illinois recently made off with a host of new vehicles from dealerships owned by the Ziegler Auto Group. Surveillance footage shows a hooded and masked thief gaining access to a red C8 Chevrolet Corvette under the cover of darkness with a device used by locksmiths. The thief then casually […]

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