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Hifiman RE2000 Review: World-class sound in a pair of earbuds

You’d be forgiven for not having heard of Hifiman before. The headphone company has flourished almost entirely within the audiophile community, producing everything from value-oriented cans to ludicrously expensive examples of audiophile excess. The product I’m writing about today leans towards the latter. The Hifiman RE2000 are the company’s flagship […]

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Alibaba’s inexpensive smart display tech makes shopping easier for the visually impaired

Tech giants are generally slow when it comes to making their products accessible to the differently abled. But lately, some of them have been working on innovative projects that will accommodate more users. One of the most interesting of these comes from Chinese tech conglomerate Alibaba, which introduced a smart […]

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AMEX blunder left thousands of Indian customers’ personal info unsecured

A database belonging to American Express India was accessible to anyone for more than five days during October. The unprotected database, which was discovered by Hacken cyber consultancy team’s director of Cyber Risk Research,  Bob Diachenko on October 25, contained Amex customer names, phone numbers, addresses, PAN numbers, and Aadhaar […]

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