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iOS 13.7 Battery Drain Test on iPhone 11, iPhone XR, iPhone SE, and iPhone 7

Apple released iOS 13.7 update earlier this week with the new Exposure Notification Express system that allows public health authorities to quickly offer contact-tracing in their region without having to spend months developing an app. There were no other changes in iOS 13.7 but does it bring about any battery life improvements? After all, the […]

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Some iPhone Users Are Refusing to Install iOS 13.7 Due to Irrational Fear of Contact Tracing

Apple recently announced Exposure Notification Express that enables Contact Tracing without needing a separate app. Before this, the Exposure Notification API required an app by public health authorities. The new Exposure Notification Express has arrived on iOS 13.7. The new contact tracing system has caused concerns among some iOS users who are afraid of being […]

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Apple and Google Launch Exposure Notifications Express That Enables Contact Tracing Without Needing an App

Soon after the pandemic broke, Apple and Google worked together on a contact tracing API. Contact tracing works by using Bluetooth signals from smartphones that are in close proximity. All of this is done without identifying the user or collecting location data. In case a person is tested positive for Covid-19 then the others who […]

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