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iOS 13.2 Beta Contains References to New AirPods with Active Noise Cancellation, Listening Modes

Apple AirPods has been taking flak for not offering a noise cancellation feature. Meantime, rumor mills are rife with news that upcoming AirPods will offer the noise-canceling feature. Now a glyph found on iOS 13.2 beta shows us how the new AirPods with noise-canceling might look like. The AirPods seem to come with a bud-like […]

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Pandora Updates Its App with New Personalisation Features, Dark Mode on iOS 13, More

Pandora has updated its app with new personalization features. As part of this update, Pandora has introduced a new “For You” tab which populates a music feed based on users’ preferences. Interestingly, the “For You” section not only includes music but also podcasts. Pandora’s personalized feed is populated by taking several factors like time of […]

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