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FBI Has Reportedly Unlocked One of the iPhones Used by Mass Shooter in Florida Last Year

FBI officials have allegedly managed to break into one of the two iPhones owned by Mohammed Saeed Aishamrani. In December last year, a mass shooting took place at Naval Air Station in Florida. The attack was carried out by Aishamrani and the FBI had found two iPhones protected with encryption. It is not uncommon for […]

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Apple and Samsung Sued over Phones Exceeding Radiofrequency Radiation Safety Levels

A couple of months back we had covered an article that claimed iPhone 7 radiation levels were exceeding safety level. Now a Chicago-based law firm has sued both Apple and Samsung. The lawsuit is based on recent reports obtained after independent testing. It all started when the Chicago Tribune published a report of independent testing. […]

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How to Use Reachability on iPhone 11, iPhone Pro, and iPhone 11 Pro Max

The iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro series might come with minimal bezels surrounding their display but that does not make them small devices by any means. It makes them easier to carry around in one’s pocket but these phones are still too big for one-handed use. Apple does include Reachability in iOS that helps […]

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