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Manzanar Detainee Who Revealed Reason For WW2 Internment Dies

LOS ANGELES (AP) — Aiko Herzig-Yoshinaga, who uncovered proof thousands of Japanese-Americans incarcerated in the United States during World War II were held not for reasons of national security but because of racism, has died. Bruce Embrey, co-chair of the Manzanar Committee, said Wednesday that Herzig-Yoshinaga died July 18 at her home in the Los […]

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Pollak: Trump-Hating Beltway Pundits Insult Jews by Invoking Holocaust to Criticize Border Enforcement

Beltway pundits who dislike President Donald Trump seem to agree that the Holocaust is now fair game when it comes to attacking the administration’s immigration policies. On Friday, left-wing hosts on MSNBC, such as Joe Scarborough, compared U.S. Border Patrol agents to “Nazis.” The White House objected, but others continued. Former Republican National Committee chair […]

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