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Jinta Hirayama’s Classic Fireworks Illustrations Available for Free

The catalogues of Japanese pyrotechnist Jinta Hirayama — who founded The Hirayama Fireworks company in 1877 in Yokohama — are now available through the city’s public library. Click here to access the full archive. Simply select one of the titles at the bottom of the page and press “本体PDF画像” below an image to download. See more […]

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Google’s designer Pixel 3 cases in Japan will include their own AR experiences

Google’s first-party cases might be a bit on the chunky side, but they’re nice enough to make up for the added thickness, and customers in Japan will be getting an extra benefit with their phone protection. Google’s doing a whole collection of regionally exclusive (and super snazzy) cases for the country, and they come with […]

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Your Google Assistant is bilingual starting today — at least, for any pair of six specific languages

Google’s Assistant has been making great strides in both functionality and speech recognition since its original release in the far off year of 2016. In fact, it’s improved so much that, starting today, it can recognize two different languages interchangeably. Your Google Home is now bilingual, something no other digital assistant can do — but […]

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