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Trump’s ‘Executive Time’ Just Got Serious as the President Has Purchased a $50,000 Golf Simulator: Report

Photo: Leon Neal (Getty Images) President Lazy Thot has gone from heading to the golf course to bringing the golf course to the White House, having had a room-sized golf simulator installed to allow his lazy ass to play virtual rounds when he’s not napping. According to The Washington Post, […]

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White House Defends Trump’s ‘Executive Time’ After Leaker Reveals Sir Nap-A-Lot’s Schedule

Photo: Win McNamee (Getty Images) To hear the president tell it, he’s a hardworking commander-in-chief who would never take nap during “executive time” no matter what his aides tell the media. He was resting his eyes…and praying. Look, a man needs time to meditate after a family size bucket of […]

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Major Leak Proves That the President Is a Lazy Thot Who Spends About 60 Percent of His Day In ‘Executive Time’

Photo: Mark Wilson (Getty Images) The White House is in full panic mode after a major leak confirms that the president of the United States spends most of his day doing absolutely nothing. Of course his schedule doesn’t say that he’s doing absolutely nothing but that is in fact what […]

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