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It Took Lexus 30 Years To Sell 1 Million Cars In Europe

Lexus’ European division has reported 1 million vehicles sold locally since its introduction in 1990. The milestone was recorded last month, 30 years after the brand launched in the Old Continent with a single model, the LS 400, which accounted for 1,158 sales that year. “It may have been a modest beginning, but it signaled […]

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Audi Q7/Q8, Mercedes GLE, BMW X5/X6, Volvo XC90, Lexus RX And Range Rover Sport Compete In Off-Road Trial

Finding an absolute winner when it comes to all-wheel drive systems can be extremely difficult, as various other factors such as engines, tires, weight and even the driver can prove just as important as the actual tech sending power to both axles. However, the guys over at the SUV Battle YouTube channel did a good […]

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