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An Armored 2020 Range Rover SVAutobiography Limo Is One Way To Blow $1.3 Million

Klassen took a 2020 Range Rover SVAutobiography and turned it into an armored and stretched vehicle that is worthy of a head of state. The stock Range Rover SVAutobiography starts at around €200,000 (~$240,000) in Germany. However, the vast amount of work that went into this example has bumped the price into the 7-digit zone. […]

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This 5k Mile Chrysler Executive Limousine Is The Ultimate K-Car And Can Be Yours For $25k

Cadillac and Lincoln dominated the limo landscape, but they weren’t the only ones churning out luxury barges. Chrysler also threw their hat into the ring with decidedly mixed results. That brings us to this 1984 Chrysler Executive Limousine which has just 4,962 miles (7,986 km) on the odometer. Designed to appeal to America’s elite, the […]

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