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Safety Concerns Force Multiple Airlines to Ban Passengers from Carrying MacBook’s in Checked Baggage

Apple seems to be staring at yet another controversy with MacBook battery overheating and blowing up. We have seen a number of examples where MacBook overheats and in some cases, the device has also caused grievous injuries to the user. Recently, the U.S FAA banned affected MacBook Pro from its flights owing to safety concerns. […]

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Report:16-Inch MacBook Pro Will Be Powered by Intel’s 9th Gen Processors

It is a well-known secret that Apple is prepping 16-inch MacBook Pro. The latest MacBook Pro is expected to launch in September or October. According to analyst Jeff Kin, the 16-inch MacBook Pro will be powered by Intel’s 9th Gen Cofee Lake Refresh processors. If this is indeed true, then the new MacBook Pro will […]

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