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RNC Catching Hell for Giving Black Friday MAGA Shoppers the Friends and Family Discount Nobody Asked For

Screenshot: Amazon Even though the Republican National Committee doesn’t have a soul, it’s somehow being accused of selling theirs. How exactly does that work? Allow me to explain. On Black Friday, the RNC’s official Twitter account posted the following sale: Innocuous, right? Because who doesn’t want 20% off their Donald […]

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Snoop Dogg Calls Kanye West an ‘Uncle Tom’ for Supporting America First Agenda

Rapper Snoop Dogg referred to Kanye West as an “Uncle Tom” over his support of President Donald Trump in an Instagram comment Monday. Producer DJ Pooh re-posted a photo of Kanye West wearing his “Make America Great Again” hat with the caption “MAGA – Music Ain’t Getting Attention” on his Instagram page, prompting a response […]

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Journalist Who Tweeted Maryland Killer Wore Donald Trump MAGA Hat Loses Job

A Massachusetts reporter who tweeted that the Annapolis, Maryland Capitol Gazette killer was wearing a Donald Trump campaign MAGA hat has announced that he has lost his job. On Thursday, Conor Berry, who was at the time a reporter for The Republican in Springfield, Mass., tweeted out the claim that the man who is accused of […]

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