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Latest Mac Malware Goes to Great Lengths to Avoid Detection and Bypass Security Measures

Recently several active Mac malware has come to the light. The malware has managed to bypass detection and Apple’s security protections. Now, Intego has discovered a new malware dubbed OSX/CrescentCore. The researchers from Intego found out the malware was downloaded via Google search results and other mainstream sources. As with most of the malware, the […]

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New Mac Malware Is Abusing Unpatched Gatekeeper Vulnerability

Several security researchers have warned us about the peril of unpatched macOS Gatekeeper vulnerability. An investigation by Joshua Long, Chief Security Analyst for Mac has now revealed that malware developers are actively abusing the vulnerability. The security researcher has learned that the new malware has been named to OSX/Linker and is associated with the same […]

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Update your WhatsApp now to avoid this dangerous exploit

Hackers used a flaw in WhatsApp’s VoIP calling feature to infect users with spyware. The hack was apparently developed by an Israeli cybersecurity company. WhatsApp users could be infected with spyware if the attacker tried calling them. Hackers were reportedly able to remotely install spyware on phones and devices by using a vulnerability in WhatsApp. […]

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