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Cannabis Could Be Reversing Damage to Arthritic Joints

Patients report that cannabis puts arthritis into remission, so the Arthritis Society funds the research to find out if it’s true. There’s good news for the 54 million people who suffer from arthritis: A study commissioned by The Arthritis Society is investigating avenues toward developing breakthrough therapies using medical cannabis. Canadian researcher, Dr. Jason […]

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These Nuns Believe Cannabis Is A “Gift From God” And They Grow Their Own Weed

The Sisters of the Valley are a group of self-ordained nuns whose order was founded in 2014. They’re not ordinary monastics, though. These nuns love weed. Headed by 58-year-old Sister Kate, the order is headquartered in California’s Central Valley, where their mini weed empire is flourishing. Their bent is more spiritual than religious and more compassionate […]

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