Tag: Market inefficiencies

Marshall Auerback: Apple Has an Early Case of GE’s Disease

By Marshall Auerback, a market analyst. Produced by the Independent Media Institute The boom witnessed in the U.S. equity market over the past few years has begun to echo the latter stages of the high tech bubble of the early 2000s, right down to the investor interest ultimately gravitating toward […]

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The Missing Profits of Nations

Lambert here: “Close to 40% of multinational profits were artificially shifted to tax havens in 2015.” Holy moly! By Thomas Tørsløv, PhD student, University of Copenhagen and Ministry of Taxation, Denmark, Ludvig Wier, PhD candidate, University of Copenhagen, and Gabriel Zucman, Gabriel Zucman. Originally published at VoxEU Between 1985 and 2018, the global average statutory […]

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Did Small-Time City Operator Nigel Farage Trade His Way Into a Fortune in the Brexit Vote?

By Lambert Strether of Corrente Bloomberg has an entertaining and well-reported story on how hedgies made a packet on the Brexit vote: “Brexit’s Big Short: How Pollsters Helped Hedge Funds Beat the Crash.” I’m going to take it to pieces, and re-arrange it in a new pattern, so you might consider clicking through and reading […]

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