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Shoulder tattoo of wrong Mars rover

Someone took the awesome last words of Mars Opportunity and got a tattoo of Mars Curiosity. Twitter was not kind. Keep it clean and out of the sun! <!– Jason Weisberger Jason Weisberger is Boing Boing’s publisher. Nemo is Jason’s Great Pyrenees. You can find Jason on twitter at @jlw –> Etsy hasn’t said how […]

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NASA’s Opportunity rover enters its 16th year on Mars, but it’s still dead quiet

Today, NASA is celebrating the monumental achievements of the Opportunity rover as it tallies a full 15 years on the planet Mars. The rover landed on Mars on January 24, 2004, and it’s had an incredible stretch of good fortune in its decade-and-a-half on the planet. Unfortunately, Opportunity has been silent for over six months, […]

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NASA is using a 1909 penny to learn more about seasons on Mars

NASA’s Curiosity rover is a powerful machine with some impressive capabilities when it comes to analyzing material samples, drilling into Martian rocks, and snapping images of the planet’s surface. Despite all that, an incredibly low-tech feature on the rover is helping NASA understand Mars’ seasons and, in particular, how hard the wind blows. The planet-wide […]

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