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‘Club Gitmo’ is now for children, too

As at Guantánamo, those children were also being subjected to a regime of intentional abuse. The cruel and inhuman treatment began, of course, with the trauma of separation from their parents and often from their siblings as well, since children of different genders were sent to different facilities (or at least different parts of the […]

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Morning Digest: Two new polls find a tight GOP primary for governor of Tennessee

Race Ratings Changes We’re making the following changes to our race ratings. A summary is below, and explanations for these changes can be found in the body of the Digest. For all of our ratings, click here. ● CO-Gov: Tossup → Lean Democratic 2Q Fundraising It’s that time again! The deadline for House and Senate […]

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GOP Holocaust analogists furious over Nazi border policy comparisons

Ben Shapiro might want to talk to these players on this team. And among the things Republicans hate is the Mueller investigation and the growing legal problems for Donald Trump’s longtime lawyer, Michael Cohen. After the FBI raided Cohen’s homes and office in April, former House Speaker turned Fox News regular Newt Gingrich conjured up […]

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