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Table saws are dangerous

[embedded content] Crappy little table saws are marketed as cheap gifts and impulse buys by hardware stores, right there alongside drills and shop vacs. But they are uniquely dangerous and I got rid of mine after an alarming experience made me sit and think about the forces in play—and how close our heads and hands […]

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Teens in trouble after Nazi salutes go viral

Two high school students from Minnetonka, Minnesota, photographed themselves performing Nazi salutes and holding a dance invitation full of Hitler-themed puns. “While I do not know whether it was an intentionally hateful message or was created out of ignorance, be assured the students will be disciplined for their actions,” Superintendent Dennis Peterson wrote in an […]

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Steve Bannon to headline The New Yorker’s festival

A grim reminder that in the upper echelons of journalism, white supremacists are at worst wayward tribesmates and at best very interesting men: Steve Bannon is to headline The New Yorker’s october festival. From The New York Times: Stephen K. Bannon, President Trump’s former chief strategist, who will be interviewed by the magazine’s editor, David […]

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