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Best US Cellular phones (December 2018)

When it comes to choosing the right smartphone, the task can be pretty daunting. More and more smartphones come to market every day, making the choice next to impossible unless someone is pointing you in the right direction. If you’re in the market for the best US Cellular phones and considering Android, look no further. […]

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The best Android phone for kids — What are your options? (October 2018)

Your child is ready for their first smartphone, and that’s great! There are plenty of cheap smartphones out there, and no shortage of great kid-friendly apps and games.  While you might hear pleas to get the latest iPhone or Galaxy, the reality is that kids often aren’t ready for the responsibility that comes with their […]

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Best Verizon prepaid phones (October 2018)

Verizon Wireless isn’t necessarily known for its prepaid phones, but there are a few standouts. We’ve already taken a look at the best Verizon phones, but now let’s go through the best Verizon prepaid phones. If you don’t find anything here, check out our general list of the best prepaid phones you can buy. Editor’s note: We […]

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