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Wild Batmobile Replica Is Actually A Cadillac Eldorado And It Could Be Yours

Yes, you read that title correctly: this is not a Batmobile that starred in a Hollywood blockbuster and is instead a replica based on a 1976 Cadillac Eldorado. One of the stars of Mecum’s forthcoming Indy sales event running from May 13-21, the owner of this Eldorado has crafted a Batmobile replica that looks like […]

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Movie Cars and Lowriders Mix In New Peterson Automotive Museum Exhibits

For car enthusiasts, any exhibit at The Peterson Automotive Museum in Los Angeles, California is exciting, but two new exhibits are sure to entertain the entire family. Famous film vehicles and classic lowriders will be competing for the attention of museum-goers as the two exhibits open up for the public to view. Most people will be […]

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Australia’s Fun Police Takes Issue With Mad Max Interceptor Replica, Fines Owner For Defective Car

Mad Max fans would sit in awe in front of a beautifully made Ford Falcon Pursuit Special replica from the post-apocalyptic movie series, but police officers in Queensland, Australia were less impressed with the extra equipment it was carrying. Following a routine inspection, the modifications done to the vehicle were deemed unsafe and illegal, with […]

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