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Most popular baby names of 2018

Each year, Baby Center polls parents to find out what they named their newborn. In 2018, more than 742,000 parents answered. Based on that data, here are the top baby names for 2018. Girls: 1. Sophia2. Olivia3. Emma4. Ava5. Isabella6. Aria7. Riley8. Amelia9. Mia10. Layla Boys: 1. Jackson2. Liam3. Noah4. Aiden5. Caden6. Grayson7. Lucas8. Mason9. […]

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Amazon customers’ names and email addresses disclosed by website error

reader comments 6 with 6 posters participating Share this story Amazon customers woke up on Wednesday to an email saying a technical error caused the site to disclose their names and email addresses. While Amazon officials have said the emails are authentic, they aren’t providing additional details beyond what’s in the extremely terse communication. Wednesday’s […]

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