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Google tries to fend off man-in-the-middle attacks with a clever workaround

Google announced today on its Security Blog that it will block sign-ins from embedded browser frameworks starting in June. The hope is that such a move will better protect people from man-in-the-middle (MITM) attacks. Embedded browser frameworks allow developers to include web instances in their applications. For example, Spotify uses embedded browser frameworks to allow […]

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Alexa-enabled devices now get free ad-supported Amazon Music

Amazon announced today that Alexa-enabled devices can now play ad-supported music from Amazon Music for free. The announcement comes a day after Google announced a similar move with YouTube Music and Google Assistant-powered devices. Keep in mind that folks can only listen to an ad-supported selection of top playlists and stations for free — they […]

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The Samsung Galaxy Fold Stumbles Under the Pressure, But May Still be a Sign of the Future

Finding a way to turn a trend into a longstanding feature is tough. Some things, like modular smartphones, don’t pick up steam like some companies thought they might. But if there is one thing to say about Samsung, it’s that the company does have a keen eye on picking out winners. The biggest, of course, […]

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