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Bentley Jumps On The NFT Bandwagon, First Offering Arrives This September

Bentley is trailing Rolls-Royce once again as the ultra-luxury brand is late to the NFT party. While Rolls-Royce introduced an NFT last year, Bentley’s first non-fungible token won’t arrive until September. When it launches on the carbon-neutral Polygon network this fall, only 208 units will be available. Bentley says the 208 number has a special […]

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Polestar Could Have Minted NFTs But Opted For Paper Sketches Instead Under New Referral Scheme

<!– –> Polestar is starting a new referral program to encourage customers to recommend its cars to other potential buyers. The scheme will reward both buyers and referrers with a number of prizes, including a unique sketch from one of Polestar’s designers. “We are being thoughtful about this — we could easily take the popular […]

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Pininfarina’s Ferrari Modulo NFTs Now Available To View For Free

Pininfarina has showcased its NFT collection that is currently up for auction through RM Sotheby’s and designed to celebrate the iconic Ferrari Modulo. We first heard about Pininfarina’s NFT collection earlier this month. The project has come to life thanks to a partnership between Pininfarina and NFT specialists 1of1, ARTM Technologies, and artist Sasha Sirota. […]

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