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Need For Speed: Tom Cruise Used To Race This 1984 Nissan 300ZX

If you still have Top Gun: Maverick fever running through your veins, then this 1984 Nissan 300ZX race car formerly driven by Tom Cruise himself could be the perfect car. The eye-catching 300ZX was built for SSA Class events by Newman/Sharp Racing and driven by Cruise. The team run by Paul Newman and Bob Sharp […]

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Some Of The Rarest Japanese Halo Cars Going To Auction At UK’s CCA Summer Sale

It’s hard to get a good deal on a used car right now but perhaps an investment would be a better buy. At the 2022 CCA Summer Sale a number of very special Japanese sports cars will go over the auction block and they’re special enough that we’d buy every one of them if we […]

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What On Earth Happened To All The Affordable Coupes?

Have you tried to buy an affordable coupe lately? It’s not that easy. Everyone knows that crossovers have been killing off sedans and wagons for the past few years, but they’ve also decimated the sporty two-door market. Sure, if you have upwards of $80,000 to spend, or are willing and able to compromise on seating […]

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