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‘No Man’s Sky’ makes multiplayer a priority with its ‘Beyond’ update

Few games have engendered as much discussion and debate for such an extended period of time as No Man’s Sky has since its release in 2016. With seemingly impossible expectations placed on the space exploration game, the final product fell short for many fans. But Hello Games never stopped working. Countless features and systems have […]

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No Man’s Sky Looks So Damn Good Now

Screenshot: No Man’s Sky After yesterday’s update, No Man’s Sky looks completely different. Players cannot stop sharing their beautiful screenshots. If nothing else, No Man’s Sky generates incredible desktop backgrounds. After the new update, every few minutes I want to stop and take a picture of the beautiful vistas. Other Kotaku staffers are doing the […]

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‘No Man’s Sky’ NEXT: Free update hits July 24th – here are all the changes

The ongoing saga of No Man’s Sky has been a fascinating one to follow since the game’s launch in 2016. Pegged as the ultimate sandbox prior to release, the procedurally generated universe of the game failed to grab gamers (myself included), and the backlash was swift. In the months since, developer Hello Games has continued to […]

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