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Learn the secrets of ethical hacking for $25

From the “Oh Lord, Here We Go Again” file: Microsoft dropped a tidbit of news last week that shocked no one, yet alarmed everyone. At a cybersecurity forum in Aspen, Colorado, Microsoft VP Tom Burt told the crowd that the company has already spotted and stopped hacking attempts targeting three U.S. congressional candidates vying in […]

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Put Microsoft Excel on your resume with help from this bundle, now an extra $10 off

Why should anyone learn Microsoft Excel? Unless you’re a banker, mathematician or scientist, it’s a fair question. But while it may seem like the stat-intensive spreadsheet minder is reserved for number-heavy jobs only, this mainstay of the Microsoft Office app suite is decidedly more than a high-tech abacus. Hard Fork? Hard Fork. Sure, Excel organizes […]

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Get up to speed on Python with this double-barreled course package

Python programming is everywhere…literally. Whether you’re testing algorithms for Google, launching spacecrafts at NASA, or sitting around chatting with friends on Facebook, Python’s simple, elegant and highly versatile code is at the heart of it all. In addition to fulfilling loads of creative programming needs, did we also mention that Python coders routinely bring home […]

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