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Betsy DeVos’s multimillion yachts fly foreign flags because paying taxes isn’t ‘America first’

Remember a couple of weeks ago, when one of Betsy DeVos’s $40 million yachts was untied from a dock in Ohio? DeVos’s SeaQuest Yacht, docked in Huron was left unmoored overnight. Conservatives everywhere freaked out that communists were attacking American patriots and poor Betsy DeVos might have to pay to have some painting touchups done to the […]

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Last year, Trump’s SCOTUS pick argued net neutrality was ‘unlawful’ and violated 1st Amendment

Girls, your dad is something of a monster Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is bad for our country. One of the many alarming parts of his ultra-conservative record is a dissent he wrote last year after his D.C. Circuit Court upheld the Obama-era FCC’s net neutrality rules. Kavanaugh argued that net neutrality protections would impinge upon Internet […]

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Despite Trump’s promise to lower drug prices, costs for Viagra, blood pressure, cancer meds rise

Trump and Pfizer CEO Ian C. Read shake bloody hands. One of the big problems facing our healthcare system is the rising cost of medicine. The rising costs of medicine are dictated by “the market.” The “market” is a made-up construct that must continue to add additional profits until humanity reaches … magic? Anythewhos, one of […]

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