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OnePlus could finally include wireless charging with the OnePlus 8 Pro

91Mobiles OnePlus has excluded wireless charging from its devices since the company’s advent in 2014. Well, it looks like that might finally change this time around with the OnePlus 8 Pro. A recent tweet by tipster Max J. suggests OnePlus’ upcoming “Pro” variant will include this much-desired feature. Though the tweet doesn’t explicitly say anything […]

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OnePlus announces OnePlus Red Cable Club rewards program (only in one country)

OnePlus has launched an exclusive new rewards program for its Indian users. Called the OnePlus Red Cable Club, the program bundles benefits of OnePlus Care, free 50GB cloud storage, and a chance to win The Red Cable Jackpot. The name of the new program was inspired by OnePlus’ distinctive red charging cables. “Our community has […]

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Which phone manufacturer had the best year in 2019? (Poll of the Week)

2019 was a year full of ups and downs for many smartphone manufacturers. We saw companies put out great devices with little to no issue, while others didn’t have such luck. Samsung is the first company that comes to mind when I think of success in 2019. The Galaxy S10 lineup received positive reviews across […]

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