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The clock is now officially ticking on NASA’s sleeping Opportunity rover

Even if you aren’t particularly interested in space or science news you’ve probably heard about the plight of NASA’s Opportunity rover. The plucky robot, which has far outlived its initial mission and has been conducting “bonus” science work for over a decade since, was swallowed up by a massive dust storm on Mars, cutting off […]

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Here’s NASA’s playlist of songs that it’s hoping will wake up the Opportunity rover

NASA’s Opportunity rover is currently sitting quietly on Mars, not doing much of anything. It’s been in a state of dormancy ever since a colossal Martian dust storm swallowed the planet whole over the past few months. With no life-giving solar power with which to charge its batteries, the rover was forced to shut down […]

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The Martian dust storm engulfing the Opportunity rover is so intense NASA is holding a conference – watch live here

It’s only been a few days since NASA held a highly-anticipated press briefing to tell the world that it found organic compounds on Mars that may be a sign of previous life on the planet. That was some pretty incredible news with potentially history-making implications, but the impromptu teleconference NASA just scheduled for later today […]

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