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The dangerous myths that prevent me from getting the endometriosis care I need

I’m sick almost every day, gently poking my distended stomach wondering when my pelvis is going to explode. I have debilitating cramps that begin mid-cycle, accompanied by nausea and a fever that breaks around the time I begin to bleed. At age 26, my OBGYN suspects that I have endometriosis, a disease in which uterine […]

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Sasha Velour explains how drag’s optimism can change the future

Many of us were first introduced to the brilliant and wildly artistic drag queen Sasha Velour in 2017, when she won the ninth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race. But Velour’s unique performances, beautifully bizarre fashions, and genderqueer approach to drag were making an impact long before her rose petal reveal during the “So Emotional” lip […]

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How playing “The Sims” helps me manage my anxiety disorder

In August 2003, I was 8 years old and my teenage cousin introduced me to her new computer game. I was hooked immediately. For the rest of that summer, I always made a beeline to her computer and eagerly loaded the game to resume where I had left off. Embellished by its quirky expansion packs, […]

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