Tag: Perception

Black Kids Swim Wants to Help Get More Black Children Into Competitive Swimming

Photo: Lailanie Symonette When many of us think about athletic paths for our children to follow, competitive swimming isn’t typically high up on the list. Black Kids Swim (BKS) is an organization trying to change both the way we look at swimming in general and competitive swimming as an outlet […]

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Enjoy this strange new audiovisual illusion from Caltech scientists

Caltech researchers developed the illusion above to illustrate postdiction, a sensory phenomenon “in which a stimulus that occurs later can retroactively affect our perceptions of an earlier event.” From Caltech Matters: “Illusions are a really interesting window into the brain,” says first author Noelle Stiles (PhD ’15), a visitor in […]

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If You Don’t Use It, You’ll Lose It: 4 Tips for Aging Well

My grandfather was a true Yankee farmer. Taciturn and dignified, he rarely said a paragraph when a few words would do. Once, when I was in my mid-twenties and totally clueless about what it means to be dealing with old age, I found him sitting at the kitchen table translating poetry from German to English. […]

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