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When You Look Over and See 3 Fellow Instagram Boyfriends

Photograph by Lewy-G on reddit A self-professed ‘Instagram boyfriend’ took this candid shot when he noticed 3 fellow Instagram boyfriends taking a similar shot at Thailand’s famous Maya Bay; made popular from the film The Beach starring Leonardo Dicaprio. Located near the Thai island of Koh Phi Phi Leh, the beach was actually closed for […]

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Rocket Creates Sky Ripples When It Passes Through Ice Crystals in a Cirrus Cloud

[embedded content] In this rare and amazing amateur footage, a NASA rocket is seen going supersonic just as it is passing through ice crystals in a cirrus cloud, creating ripples in the sky that looks like shockwaves. Channels: AMAZING, STRANGE Tags: · clouds, NASA, perfect timing, phenomena, rare, rockets, science, sky, tech, trippy

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Setting Sun Turns Ice Cave in Iceland Into Amber

Photograph by Sarah Bethea Travel photographer Sarah Bethea captured this breathtaking photo last winter in Iceland of a setting sun’s golden rays entering an ice cave and turning a section of the cave’s ice amber. The picture was taken at the Treasure Island Caves which is located on the Vatnajökull glacier. To see more of […]

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