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We asked, you told us: Here’s what you think of AI-generated moon photos

Hadlee Simons / Android Authority Samsung phones have been in the headlines this week after a Redditor’s experiment revealed that Galaxy phones do some questionable things when taking photos of the moon. More specifically, the Redditor found that Galaxy phones added lunar details to a blurry, low-resolution photo of the moon when the Scene Optimizer […]

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Poll: Do you care if your moon mode shot is generated by AI?

Hadlee Simons / Android Authority The Redditor’s experiment showed that Samsung’s moon mode will recognize blurry pictures of the moon and add extra details, craters, and textures out of thin air. It’s also worth noting that Samsung wasn’t the only smartphone brand coming under the microscope for this. Huawei was previously under scrutiny for its […]

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4 awesome Samsung camera features I want to see on the Pixel 8

Robert Triggs / Android Authority Samsung and Google take very different approaches to smartphone photography. While Samsung has had a penchant for experimenting with hardware and software camera features, throwing in everything and the kitchen sink, Google’s approach has been a lot more deliberate, heavily leaning into computational photography to extract the best out of […]

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